June 8-10, 2021

Connect with membership organization professionals from around the world. Learn about cutting edge ideas and technologies to help your organization grow. Get inspired to lead your team with purpose.

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About SURGE Forward

June 8, 9 and 10 

Location: Online


We spent all of 2020 looking to stay afloat as every industry and organization around the world faced uncertainty and change. Now, it’s time to thrive. 

Join us for SURGE Forward as we talk about the technologies, ideas and opportunities that will change membership forever. During our three-day virtual conference, we’ll fearlessly confront the things that’ll disrupt the future of membership, and we’ll roll up our sleeves to brainstorm how every organization and leader can get ahead of trends and lead through whatever comes next.

Plus: Are you looking to earn CAE credit hours? All attendees can earn up to 9 CAE credit hours!




Keynote Speakers

Don Dea

CoFounder, Fusion Productions, digitalNow

Marcus Sheridan

International Keynote Speaker

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Subscription strategist and author

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Hallway Chat

Join us for this innovative networking event that combines the spontaneous style of traditional conference mingling with online technology. This members-only event allows you to virtually “work the room,” giving you the option to chat one-on-one with your favorite speakers through group chats that feel just like you’re running into friends in a traditional conference hall.

Keynote Q&A

Didn’t get your question asked during the live chat for a keynote conversation? No problem, just come prepared to the Keynote Q&A and make sure you connect with our top speakers, or explore more of the ideas you learned with other attendees.

Expert AMA

Sometimes, you’ve got a problem to solve and the only way to get it done is to ask the expert. Come with your questions, and mingle with solutions-oriented association experts to help you solve them.

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Revisit all the great conversations from SURGE anytime you want with the post-event eBook, which will be full of insights, ideas and additional suggestions for engagement.

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The first 125 members who register for SURGE will get to snag a a value-packed swag bag that includes books from our keynote speakers and other goodies!

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“Enjoyed today’s webinar ‘How to market your hybrid event’, sponsored by Feathr. Good information and a really good balance of chats with other attendees. Sidecar always does a five star job!”

Dawn Herman

“Sidecar is always a trusted source of information for those in the association world and they do an excellent job of providing content that is relevant and useful.”

Burt Blanchard