What if your entire team could grow together?

With Sidecar Team membership, you can empower your team to learn and grow themselves while growing your organization.
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What does my Sidecar team have access to?

Every member gets full access to Sidecar, including:

Exclusive access to Sidecar Academy

In our online learning center, Sidecar Academy, pick up leadership skills at your own pace, track your progress and store notes about what you learn.

Invitation to join our community

Members get an exclusive invite to our Facebook community, where you can ask questions, share what worked and connect with fellow leaders.

On-demand videos

Watch our entire archive of video interviews, panel discussions and webinars featuring thought leaders from around the world.

Interactive quizzes

Test your understanding with true/false, multiple choice and other questions in each of our courses.

Learning Library

Get full access to our downloadable guides, worksheets and other materials to save for future learning and discussion.

Online workbooks

Save your work as you work through each module.

Mobile friendly

Access our courses from anywhere on your smartphone.

Tailored to you

Our courses are created to take at your own pace. Go deep or get an overview. It’s up to you!
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What people are saying about us

“Timely and well-delivered content. Highly recommend!”

- Andria Marcus, California Independent Schools Business Officers Association

“The information shared combined with the tone of delivery makes for engaging, interesting, timely and relevant content. The best anywhere for anyone in the nonprofit world! Well done!”

- Peggy McElgunn, Global Professional Services PC

“AssociationSuccess is always a trusted source of information for those in the association world and they do an excellent job of providing content that is relevant and useful.”

- Dawn Herman, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

What’s in Sidecar Academy?

Your entire team will have access to more than 15 (and counting!) professional development courses in Sidecar Academy, our online learning center, designed to help each person tackle problems, find creative solutions and engage your members.

This course has all the tools you need to plan a smooth virtual conference. You’ll learn the tech you need, how to avoid common pitfalls, how to attract sponsors and keys to ensuring diversity in speakers and attendees.
Creating Powerful Content
This course will provide you with practical tips and strategies to increase member engagement through content. With more options to access content, associations need to reassert their purpose and learn how to reconnect and engage in new ways.
This course has all the tools you need to plan a smooth virtual conference. You’ll learn the tech you need, how to avoid common pitfalls, how to attract sponsors and keys to ensuring diversity in speakers and attendees.
Maximizing Culture and Member Value
Business coach John Spence adapts his Formula for Business Excellence for associations to teach why it’s so important for organizations to carefully consider their culture — so they can make big improvements in serving their members.
Introduction to Business Analytics
Learn to accelerate change in the world by using data to influence your organization’s strategy and inform decisions that produce value and impact for your membership and beyond.
Introduction to Strategic Foresight
When your members aren’t satisfied, there is a short time when you can help them before others start generating solutions — that’s your opportunity window. This course will teach you how to be ready for it.
Piloting AI
Our Piloting AI course will give you a clear understanding of marketing AI, tips on how to identify quick-win pilot projects and steps to solve marketing challenges efficiently.
Cultivating a Dynamic and Strategic Board
It might be time to kickstart strategic leadership and dynamic thinking to avoid repeating the past and falling into old habits. This course will give you the tools you need to keep your board on track and think strategically while making decisions.
Making the Most of Your Minutes
There may never be enough hours in the day, but you can make the most of the ones you have. This quick course will give you tips and tricks for staying focused and productive at work. You’ll also find links to online tools you can use to help you stay on track.
Understanding the membership economy
What can we learn from companies like Amazon and Netflix that are turning to membership to help bolster the fandom of and loyalty to their brands? Plenty. This course will teach you how to thrive in the membership economy.
Engagement can be fruitful in building a community of highly satisfied members who will actively promote and recommend your association. In this course, Dave Will, the co-founder and CEO of PropFuel, shares his wisdom on how to use the voice of the member to drive intelligent engagement.
The Open Garden Organization
This course offers a step-by-step guide to help association leaders clarify and deepen their organization’s purpose, embrace a future of uncertainty by taking on small risks to experiment and learn, and shift their business model to embrace an inclusive and expansive audience beyond the scope of traditional membership.

…and we’re adding more courses all the time!

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What’s in the video archive?

Sidecar members have exclusive access to our video archive, which includes dozens of interviews, panel discussions, webinars and workshops featuring thought leaders from around the world — including all of the past presentations from SURGE, our popular virtual conference.

Did you know?

Among those who didn’t already have the option, 73% of employees have said they’d be likely to participate in educational opportunities to help them at work if they had them

44% of employees cite a good work culture as more important than salary

94% of employees have said they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development

Sources: CareerBuilder 2019 survey and LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report

Our core purpose is to build badass leaders.

Sound a little wild? Maybe it is. But we know that no one ever got anywhere worth going without getting a little uncomfortable.

Badass leaders don’t accept complacency. They push the envelope and challenge the status quo. They don’t just rely on their own thoughts, but they seek diverse opinions and find the right solution to solve problems. Badass leaders ask why and aren’t afraid to experiment even if it means they might fail.

By helping the association industry, we hope to help the world.
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