Grow leaders at every level.

Sidecar Teams exists to grow leaders at every level of an association by increasing digital adoption and innovation.

Associations struggle with adapting rapidly enough to provide the innovative experiences and resources their members demand.

To drive long term success and change, you need to make investments in your people. 

Transformation means growth. And growth moves you and your organization forward.
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Is your organization ready for the Digital Shift?

Factors that increase the chances of digital transformation success
Having digital-savvy leaders in place
Empowering people to work in new ways
Giving day-to-day tools a digital upgrade

Benefits of Sidecar Teams

Sidecar Teams provides your association with unlimited access to:

Sidecar Academy

Every member of your association can pick up leadership skills at their own pace. Curated courses facilitate team-learning and growth.

A global community

Join an exclusive, diverse community of association leaders and peers. Ask questions, overcome challenges, and exchange ideas. 

On-demand videos

Our video archive includes hundreds of hours of interviews, panel discussions and webinars featuring thought leaders from around the world.

Interactive quizzes

Unlock long-term memory retention and accelerate growth potential as your team tests their understanding in our course assessments.

Learning Library

Get full access to our downloadable guides, worksheets and other materials to save for future learning and discussion.

Team leader insights

Strengthen your team by sharing insights, tracking progress and identifying areas for growth and collaboration.

Mobile friendly

Enjoy Sidecar on-the-go. Access our courses from anywhere on your smartphone. 

Growth at every level

Courses are designed with every role and experience level in mind. Provide leadership development opportunities across your organization.

Some of our current Sidecar Teams partners:

Exclusive Sidecar Teams benefits!

Fuel your purpose and in turn engage, and keep, your members. We partner with associations who hold similar growth-mindsets.
Zero-risk, 30-day money back guarantee
Exclusive rates
Incentives for future testimonials and case study participation
Priority access — first to know about new team benefits
A diverse, global community  connect with like-minded individuals

What people are saying about us

“Timely and well-delivered content. Highly recommend!”

- Andria Marcus, California Independent Schools Business Officers Association

“The information shared combined with the tone of delivery makes for engaging, interesting, timely and relevant content. The best anywhere for anyone in the nonprofit world! Well done!”

- Peggy McElgunn, Global Professional Services PC

“AssociationSuccess is always a trusted source of information for those in the association world and they do an excellent job of providing content that is relevant and useful.”

- Dawn Herman, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

Exclusive Sidecar Teams pricing

Extend Sidecar access to your entire team, including staff and volunteers!

Teams Pricing Tiers
Tier 1
Revenue < $2M
Your investment: $2,000
Tier 2
Revenue $2M - $5M
Your investment: $5,000
Tier 3
Revenue $5M – $15M
Your investment: $10,000
Tier 4
Revenue > $15M
Your investment: $15,000
Why Sidecar Teams pricing depends on your organizational revenue
To provide an equal, gold-standard experience across the board, Sidecar’s annual revenue-driven price model allows us to meet each organization exactly where they are. Sidecar values transparency and fairness when it comes to providing access to opportunities.*

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*Overall pricing tier levels and affiliated costs are subject to change at Sidecar’s discretion at any time (signed and active contracts withstanding). External of a signed, multi-year pricing agreement, contracted partners’ organizational revenue will be reviewed on an annual basis (at minimum) via public records.
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