Guide to Digital Advertising

Most associations use some form of marketing to increase membership and engagement. While traditional methods like blogs, publications and social media can help grow membership – paid advertising can be that extra tool you need to boost membership and engagement to all-time highs. 

Without the right knowledge, however, your advertising budget can quickly vanish and get your organization little to no results. 

In our Guide to Digital Advertising for Associations, we outline everything you need to know to get started with paid advertising. 

In this ebook, we’ll cover:

  • How to integrate paid advertising into your association marketing efforts
  • What you need to create effective member personas
  • How to actually create, manage and implement paid ads on the biggest platforms, including Google Search Ads and LinkedIn 
  • Ways to identify what your members need and create content they’ll engage with after clicking your ads 

So whether you’ve already tried paid ads and didn’t get the results you wanted or are starting as an absolute beginner, our e-book will take you through every step you need to launch your very first campaign.

Download the ebook

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