Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting minutes are an important tool for organizations, assisting both in historical record-keeping and effective strategy.

During your meetings, they can help document key decisions and outline what is next to come, and they also offer plenty of benefits to help with organizational culture, including:

  • Facilitating accountability
  • Supporting team members in taking ownership
  • Driving action by mapping expectations, deliverables and due dates

Meeting minutes are also valuable as a reference for team members who were unable to attend and can serve as a working reminder to those who were, making it an effective way to ensure your team is on the same page.

Finding the Right Structure

A structured meeting minutes document can make all the difference when you’re faced with the sheer amount of information covered in many meetings. 

But how do you make one, and what should you include? 

While each organization and meeting may have different needs, our customizable templates provide you with a framework to get started.

Download the Template!

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