Combating Institutional Racism Virtual Workshop

You cannot solve a problem until it’s properly defined. 

That’s why our Virtual Workshop on Combating Institutional Racism is a video-based training with companion resources aimed to help you evaluate structural racism and barriers to diversity within your organization.

In addition to a 45-minute video interview and transcript with Maxine Crump, the President of Dialogue on Race Louisiana, we also provide handouts to help your association find six things to do this week to address institutionalized racism, identify key definitions for productive conversations, and create a game plan to reexamine practices for finding vendors, volunteers and employees.

This Combating Institutional Racism Virtual Workshop gives your association the framework you need to address organizational racism and institutional barriers head on.

  • How to promote shared definitions for racism and institutions — and why it matters.
  • Examples of institutional racism and why “color blindness” is problematic.
  • How to combat racism in policy and how to find diversity barriers such as coded language.
  • How to empower cultural and institutional change when it comes to hiring and vendor/volunteer selection.

Give your association the tools you need to have a sincere conversation about institutional racism in practice and policy. Access the Workshop by filling out the form!

Download the Webinar

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