Mentoring: How to Build a Program that Drives Success

Bootcamp: July 27-28, 2022

In the remote and hybrid world, creating connections and mentoring relationships is key to your own personal and professional development. But what does mentoring look like now? What are the different types of mentoring that can be implemented in your association? How can you develop relationships with your mentor/mentee either face to face or virtually? In this two-day bootcamp, we will learn what mentoring is, the different benefits of the different types of mentoring and discuss strategies and ways to create and foster mentoring relationships.
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What attendees can expect:

As a participant, you will interact with other bootcamp members in an exclusive, invite-only forum within the Sidecar Community. This bootcamp will help you develop strategies to start and build meaningful mentoring relationships. We will work to identify and build the foundations that all mentors need for their e-mentoring relationships.

Bootcamp participants will receive:

Two daily lessons on mentoring strategies hosted by Sidecar via Zoom
Access to Sidecar Academy's exclusive course, "Leading Remote Teams"
Access and conversations within an exclusive forum in Sidecar Community, where you can connect with fellow bootcampers throughout our bootcamp - and beyond!

Bootcamp Pricing


Sidecar Members
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What's on the agenda?

Day 1: July 27

10 - 11 a.m. CT/11-noon ET

Create mentoring plan strategies and techniques that will help you to become an effective mentor.

Day 2: July 28

10 - 11 a.m. CT/11-noon ET

Join Kimberly Mosley, MBS, CAE in a conversation on how to support all staff with a mentoring program. How can your organization support and mentor leaders considering the great resignation, remote work and the pandemic?

By the end of bootcamp, you will: 

Decide on a goal for your mentoring program
Distinguish how mentoring and coaching are different
Create and develop a mentoring plan with strategies and techniques that will help you become an effective mentor
Identify strategies to meet with your mentee either face-to-face or virtually
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