How to ask the right questions to improve your content and drive member engagement

May 5, 2021

About this event

The best conversations start with the right questions … and this virtual event.

In this one-hour workshop, we bring together the nosiest of experts — PropFuel’s Dave Will and Sidecar’s Chelsea Brasted — to share their best practices for asking the right questions, which will help you drive member engagement and improve the quality of the content you produce.

In an age of personalization, it has become more important than ever to meet your members’ needs with content and services that feel like they were produced for them. That’s why the quality of the conversations you have with members today is directly linked to the quality of the membership you offer tomorrow.

Built for anyone who’s drawn a blank at a networking event or come away from a member interaction feeling unsure what to do with the information you just gathered, this workshop will explore exactly how to make sure you’re asking all the right questions. You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for every member conversation, whether it’s online or IRL
  • The right questions to determine your members’ needs
  • When it’s time to pick up the phone and call your members

Plus, every attendee will earn 1 CAE credit hour and walk away with multiple handouts with suggested questions to empower your next great conversation.


Registration for this event is now closed.

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Chelsea Brasted

General Manager for Sidecar

Prior to joining the Sidecar team as content manager in August 2019, she was a metro columnist and breaking news editor at The Times-Picayune, a newspaper in New Orleans. Her bylines have also appeared in publications like The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and The New York Times. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and two rescue dogs.

Dave Will

CEO and Co-founder, PropFuel

While working for SAP, a multi-billion dollar software company, nearly 20 years ago, Dave Will was advised to "walk faster and smile less, because perception is reality". Dave took this feedback to heart and started a business based on the antithesis of this advice. 14 years later, Dave successfully sold Peach New Media, a Learning Management System for associations, which is now part of Community Brands. Since then, Dave and his leadership team from Peach, built an Engagement Platform called PropFuel, the first Conversational Engagement platform designed specifically for member based organizations to improve member engagement using the ASK, CAPTURE, ACT methodology.

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