Why membership organizations are focusing on virtual strategy

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Events management | 0 comments

With the trend of virtual events continuing into 2021, it’s no wonder membership organizations and association professionals are looking for best practices. Whether it’s creating engaging content online or building a virtual brand, this week’s Friday Five focuses on successful virtual strategies.

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Here are the five most-read articles from this week’s newsletter:

  1.     4 best practices for creating educational TikTok videos

“With the possibilities for its use growing everyday, nonprofits and membership organizations have been turning to TikTok to spread their missions and causes.”

  1.   Video plays a key role in a trade association marketing plan

“How well did your trade association marketing campaigns for 2020 perform? If you’re hoping to do better in 2021, we have some ideas to share with you.”

  1.   How to handle the brand building process virtually

“It’s possible to build a brand strategy, create a brand identity and complete a rebranding all while collaborating virtually.”

  1.     Warren Buffet says all successful leaders have 1 thing in common from Inc.com

“In a letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett summarized how one arrives at leadership greatness.”

  1.     Why your team should join Sidecar

“Take your entire team along for the ride in acquiring new skills, connecting with other experienced industry pros and leveling up your association.”

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