Virtual events are top of mind this week

Sidecar Staff
February 12, 2021
Virtual events are top of mind this week

With virtual events here to stay, it's no wonder that membership professionals are finding ways to make them the best. From making or breaking your event with compelling branding to ways to utilize virtual reality, this week’s Friday Five is all about creating the perfect virtual event.

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Here are the five most-read articles from this week’s newsletter:

  1.     How branding makes or breaks your event

With many organizations streamlining their content production processes to increase engagement and efficiency, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. That’s where creative brand naming comes in.

  1.     5 ways virtual reality can benefit your organization

While AR and VR are still in the developmental stage for best software practices, association professionals must remain vigilant to how this opens up new possibilities and experiences in various fields. RSVP here!

  1.     12 dos and don’ts for creating a compelling name for your next event

Here are 5 qualities that make a name great and 7 that are deadly dealbreakers.

  1.     3 event trends to watch in 2021

With COVID-19, political uncertainty, social tensions and budgets impacting every decision, it can be hard for organizations to keep an eye on up and coming trends to implement. That’s why I did it for you!

  1.     Utilizing community for hybrid event engagement from Community by Association

“While there will be elements of face-to-face interaction that don’t translate into a hybrid model, there are ways you can bridge the gap as much as possible and still leave attendees of both live and virtual experiences feeling energized and excited.”

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