Go beyond your mission statement.

Now that you’re starting to think about the true stakeholders and potential audience for your organization, it’s time to dig deeper, think harder and get in touch with the future of your association.

That’s exactly why we created the Open Garden Organization Toolkit. This collection of worksheets, infographics and guides will help you:

  • Go beyond mission statements to identify your association’s Core Purpose.
  • Learn how your Core Purpose can help you outline, prepare for and create your association’s future.

  • Get the three keys to giving and receiving feedback to make sure your entire organization is ready for the future you create.

  • Use a Values-Productivity chart to understand who your key players are on the team you already have, and what kind of future staff-members you should be looking for now.

  • Clue in to the smartest ideas out there with a list of suggested books to read right now.

This entire Toolkit is just $3. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you’ll be able to supercharge your association’s ability to lead fearlessly in the future.

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