Dive deeper into your association's cultural transformation.

Transforming your association’s culture takes time and careful planning.

That’s exactly why we created a how-to collection of resources from author and business coach John Spence to help guide you along the way.

This amazing collection of resources includes a toolkit designed to help you begin a purposeful cultural transformation inside your organization, plus two FREE bonuses:

  • Video and audio recordings from John’s SURGE Growth keynote, “Transforming Your Organizational Culture.”
  • A list of 75 interview questions you'll be able to use to make sure you're hiring for a perfect culture fit! 

These resources will provide you with tips and insights so you can:

  • Assess whether your association’s organizational culture is working.
  • Learn how to start a cultural transformation.

  • Understand John Spence’s formula for business excellence.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get an amazing toolkit, complete with your two FREE bonus items: John's interview at SURGE Growth, and 75 interview questions you can use when you expand your team or get ready for a new job of your own!

This information is valued at $99, but we’re offering it to you at a special price of only $9! That’s a savings of $90!

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