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How workplace mindfulness increases productivity

While technology can disrupt our work and life, when used intentionally it can help us be healthier, more mindful and more productive. With thousands of apps and services at our fingertips, it's easier than ever to combat your negative feelings.

5 ways virtual reality can benefit your organization

While AR and VR are still in the developmental stage for best software practices, association professionals must remain vigilant to how this opens up new possibilities and experiences in various fields.

4 best practices for creating educational TikTok videos

With the possibilities for its use growing everyday, nonprofits and membership organizations have been turning to TikTok to spread their missions and causes.

Tap into the TikTok hashtag worth 55 billion views

TikTok is so much more than just the funny videos I usually see; its shift toward more important issues shows TikTik’s audience is craving more, and your organization can provide it. 

12 critical considerations for purchasing the right LMS

CIMATRI recently completed an exhaustive process of evaluating over 100 different LMS’s to select the right one for an organization that had the potential of millions of users.

The top 5 security priorities for associations this year

Even if you are up-to-date on compliance standards, the only thing you’ve really avoided are government fines for another year. And if you think being compliant means your data is safe, (we hate to say it) but you have another thing coming.

4 LMS features worth having

Along with the cost-saving benefits, LMS-based courses also can help members increase regulation compliance within their own organizations. If you’re looking to invest in an LMS for your organization, be sure to look for these four features

How to make your association dashboards work for you

Dashboards can be broken up in a variety of ways: by team, department, company and even by leader. Here are some great dashboard thought starters, based on leadership roles.

3 technologies associations can use to connect with members and grow their audience

The membership economy isn’t a new concept, but it can benefit greatly from embracing new technology. By adopting mobile-first tactics, distributing content at scale and analyzing data, you’ll put your organization on the path to meaningful growth.

3 tips to build Facebook group engagement

As many of us have learned through the COVID-19 crisis, engagement should be your association’s primary goal. With over 1.7 billion daily users, what better way to reach your audience than through Facebook?

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