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The Realities of Artificial Intelligence in Associations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword heard all over the world. From government services to association management, artificial intelligence has truly made an unmistakable impact.  As impactful as this new tech tool has been, there’s no wonder why organizations all over the world are scrambling to implement artificial intelligence in their own business strategy. But […]

Why Associations Should Pay Attention to DAOs

In traditional professional associations, rules, protocols, and procedures are determined by a central governing body: the board. But what if associations no longer relied on a central board to run their organizations, and instead, their members made the decisions? With an anticipated rise of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) coming, this could be a potential reality. […]

11 Artificial Intelligence Resources for Your Association

It might seem easy to overestimate the seriousness and rarity of artificial intelligence, but when looking around, it becomes obvious that artificial intelligence is everywhere. From GPS navigation, facial recognition, spam filters and spell check to streaming services and “smart” home devices, you can find artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of day-to-day life.  As […]

Creator Coins: What the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency Means For You

As the next generation of membership finds your association, so, too, does the next generation of cryptocurrency. Enter creator coins, a consumer-driven currency with the potential to boost member engagement and investment while empowering associations towards more independence from traditional financial structures. But what does all this mean for you? What are creator coins? Creator […]

How to Grow Your Newsletter Under Apple Email Privacy Change

Imagine this: Not being able to see who, when, or how many times someone opens your email newsletters. Well, buckle up, because visibility into email open rates is mostly going away starting this fall 2021. At its annual developer conference in early June, Apple broke the newscycle when it revealed privacy features intended to give […]

How video can be a gamechanger for associations

Is your association using video in your communications with members and prospective members? SURGE keynote speaker Marcus Sheridan said this often-missed opportunity is an effective way to build trust, strengthen relationships and differentiate your association from the rest.  Why should associations produce video content?  Sheridan, an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert, and author, said a […]

How 1 nonprofit raised over $4.5 million with an NFT

Shortly before the pandemic, Noora Health co-founder and CEO Edith Elliott returned from India to her native U.S. to have a baby; she’s been unable to return since.  Of the community she serves, Elliott says COVID-19 has devastated India. To continue to help that community through the ongoing crisis, it was going to take Elliott’s […]

How to involve your staff in picking collaboration software

Many people are working from home these days, and with that came substantial changes. One being: Communicating from afar with colleagues you formerly saw in person. For many, there’s currently no water-cooler talk or meeting room chatter. Or, if there is, it looks a lot different than it did in 2019, as you may be […]

Here’s how blockchain could change association certifications forever

Blockchain is an incredibly powerful and soon-to-be disruptive technological force with potential applications in every economic sector. As with any emerging technology, association professionals need to learn what blockchain is, how it can be applied and develop a plan to take advantage of it.

VIDEO: What is Clubhouse? A guide to the invite-only social media app

Should you try to score a Clubhouse invite? Watch this video for a breakdown of a few things leaders should know about the app.

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