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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Gen Z

The work landscape has changed, and chances are, it will never be the same. Whether it’s because of the pandemic or natural changes like staffers retiring, your organization is likely looking younger than ever. So how do you go about hiring Gen Z staff?  This new generation of professionals is greatly misunderstood and has shifting […]

3 Return to Office Planning Tips for Associations Leaders

The Covid-19 pandemic upended every facet of life – particularly work life for countless people. Many association staffers have been warily eyeing the ongoing, ever-evolving “Return to Office” (or “RTO”) plans which have, over the years, changed. The Delta and Omicron variants threw a wrench in many RTO plans, leaving most workplaces scrambling to return […]

How to Support Women in Leadership Roles

While workplace gender equality has made massive strides in the past few decades, there's still a long road ahead. Women working full-time are still paid less than their male counterparts, and only 5.5% of the U.S.'s 3,000 largest companies have women CEOs. In 2021, women composed only 10% of C-suite and 8% of executive board […]

Are You a Jerk?

While it might seem like an odd question, it’s certainly something association leaders should be asking themselves as organization leaders face rising resignations and declining retention. The reality is in a post-COVID-19 world, employees are making mental health and happiness top priorities in their job search – jerk-filled culture is only pushing them to start […]

5 Tips To Make the Most of Your Next Virtual Meeting

With more organizations continuing to opt for remote work, virtual meetings have become the norm in nearly every industry. They allow dispersed teams to connect from anywhere, without the traditional distractions of in-office meetings. But video calls can also be taxing on your team, and if you’re not properly prepared, you risk hosting an unproductive […]

8 Talent Recruitment Tips for Your Association

The current job market is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The COVID-19 pandemic has led many to re-prioritize their professional and personal goals and values, making it more important than ever to have a solid strategy when it comes to attracting talent for your association.  While salary is still the primary consideration for job seekers, […]

8 Ways to Prioritize Employee Work-Life Balance

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many organizations to adopt a remote or hybrid work schedule for employees. While in most cases, this tends to be a net positive for employees’ work-life balance, it can lead to some unintended negative consequences.  For example, when working from home, the lack of clear separation between work and home […]

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Onboarding

In a world where most organizations are taking their roles online, the traditional onboarding process likely needs some adjustments. Where there once was an opportunity to bring new staffers around for introductions and set them up with hands-on training, that experience all needs to live in a virtual space.  So how do you restore the […]

Is The Traditional Work Day Broken?

Whether we like it or not, the way we work changed forever in March 2020. And after three years, things are continuing to change. What workers want is in constant battle with what organizations are willing to provide, and the bottom line? The traditional workday is just not working anymore. With resignation rates at an […]

5 Key Lessons for Associations in 2022

The themes for digitalNow 2021 were rebuilding, reframing and restarting. With sessions ranging from big data and organizational culture to cyber security and innovation, our attendees got insights on how to rebuild their associations in a post-pandemic world, why their thinking should be reframed to add value for their members and whether or not the […]

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