Category: Organizational culture

How to ask to work from home in a post-COVID environment

When framing your ask, be sure to speak the language of business.

What is purpose-driven leadership?

As leaders, it is important to keep your core purpose close and only act in ways that will benefit and highlight your organization’s values. Learn from organizations like CVS and adopt your own purpose-driven strategies to lead your organizations into success.

Should this meeting be an email?

Should these meetings just be an email? If it’s one way communication, yes.

How to positively impact yourself and your organization

Like SURGE, the articles in this week’s Friday Five are aimed at helping you and your organization grow.

Want a more welcoming workplace? Stop doing these 2 things

In order to thrive, your organization must rely on staffers and members to be professional, courteous, inclusive and focused. 

6 building blocks to an innovative culture

Utilizing these six building blocks to create a foundation conducive to innovation will propel your organization into true change, meaningful discoveries and support future endeavours.

How a strong core purpose can help expand your audience

Rather than prioritizing a singular business goal — such as attracting more members — the Open Garden model empowers associations to expand their mission and increase their impact in new ways.

Why you should be friends with the youngest person in the room

Just as established professionals can impart the wisdom and skills needed to succeed, newer additions to your organization bring innovation, experimentation and fresh ideas to their peers.

Why organizations should celebrate employees' small victories

Show your employees you value their daily work. That way, they’ll feel as if every work day matters and that they are making an impact in the association. 

How to use active listening to improve your organizational culture

That kind of understanding and solid relationship-building can only happen in an organization where people listen to one another. The employees’ concerns, feelings, and ideas need to be heard by their leaders and co-workers. 

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