Category: Member engagement

How to utilize virtual events for year-round engagement

Events often serve as the pinnacle of engagement for associations — it’s the time and place for members to come together, connect, and learn. But all of the conversations, knowledge, and connections formed during an event — whether it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid — shouldn’t be limited to the few hours or days they take […]

Declining membership in professional organizations and what you can do about it

Declining membership in professional organizations is a trend for many associations. Find out what's behind the trend, and what you can do about it.

What membership organizations can learn from NBC's Peacock

Associations can take cues from for-profit businesses who are adopting membership models, including offering some of their most popular content free.

How to find your association's break even point

Knowing your break even point, and utilizing your margin per member will allow your organization to successfully engage existing and potential members with ease. 

How to recreate your office holiday party from home

In order to recreate some semblance of normalcy this holiday season, I started looking for ways to bring our office holiday party to the virtual realm. Here’s how your organization can do the same:

3 keys to improving member retention

For every membership organization, increasing retention is a major concern. The first step in addressing this persistent challenge is rethinking the way we approach membership. Here’s why you should view membership as a forever transaction — and three tips for making it a reality.

5 sneaky ways to ask your members for referrals

So, when coming up with our own referral programs, design them with this in mind: If you would not want to receive the request, why would your members?

4 ways to attract younger members

In my experience, many associations and nonprofit organizations struggle to connect with and truly understand the distinctive expectancies of their current members, let alone forecast the needs of future prospective members.

How a middle school lesson can increase member engagement

Here’s how viewing these goals through the lens of Maslow’s theory can help your organization attract and retain loyal members.

4 steps for engaging disinterested readers

If you can identify the disconnect between your content and your audience’s needs, you can begin to close the gap and increase engagement. 

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