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5 Community Outreach Strategies for Local Chapters

Regardless of your association’s mission or membership count, community outreach is a must for both engaging more deeply with your existing members and attracting like-minded new members. Community outreach gives your association the opportunity to show members what you really care about by supporting causes that are aligned with your core values.  By engaging in […]

How to Create LinkedIn Ads for Associations: Your Guide to Getting Started

For many professional associations, LinkedIn is the social media network where their members and potential members spend the most time. That’s why advertising on this powerful platform is a no-brainer for reaching professional audiences. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is able to fill gaps left open by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, while Facebook’s […]

How To Improve Member Engagement

Learning how to improve member engagement is a constant goal for association leaders. Engaged members are the most likely to renew their memberships, stay connected to the organization and spread the word about your association to others. While member benefits are what bring people to your association, it’s the ongoing engagement that keeps them happy […]

5 Ways To Increase Association Membership Renewals

While association recruitment strategies are vital for keeping the organization growing, evolving, and adopting fresh ideas, we can’t forget about retention. Without retained members, monthly revenue will be unpredictable, and the association’s culture will be kaput. As the adage goes, “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.”  Recruiting […]

3 Ways Associations Can Optimize Content to Avoid Churn

To avoid churn, keeping your members engaged should always be a top priority. However, according to a recent study from Chartbeat, 45% of your readers will be gone 15 seconds after landing on your website. And of that group, more than 60% of them will never return. Not only does this impact member engagement, but […]

How To Create Member Personas to Better Serve Your Organization

Does your association have member personas that are well-known throughout the organization? If not, it’s time to build some!  Having clearly defined member personas will help you better target and personalize your content so that you can best serve your audience every time. They help you internalize and understand your ideal members so you can […]

Steal the Template: Welcome Letter to New Members

Think back to the last time you joined a new group, professional or otherwise — it was probably a little intimidating. Everyone seemingly already knows one another and what to expect, and the unknown can be a bit scary. It feels a little bit like showing up to a party where you don’t know anyone […]

How To Work with Email Spam Filters and Firewalls to Improve Deliverability

Have you ever tried to send a marketing email to your members, only to have your message get blocked by a firewall?  Email marketing specialist Amy Hage, co-founder of Strategy Maven Agency, shared helpful insights and tips on understanding spam filters and improving email deliverability. Read on for her expert take on email marketing that […]

When’s the Last Time your Association Evaluated its Membership Dashboard?

Membership dashboards are important tools for monitoring and analyzing the overall health of your association or membership-based organization. Membership dashboards provide essential data and KPIs that can be used for decision-making purposes.  Dashboards help all critical stakeholders stay aligned and informed of an association or organization’s progress on its goals. Depending on who the dashboard […]

6 creative ways brands are taking advantage of Instagram Stories

Does your association or organization use Instagram to build your brand and engage with your audience? If you do, are Instagram Stories part of your social media strategy? If they’re not already, they should be.  The fleeting nature of Instagram Stories means this content format is less refined and curated, and more unfiltered and raw, […]

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