Category: Leadership

How helping your team learn helps your organization grow

One of the biggest workplace trends to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic was a greater focus on workplace culture, specifically on the impact of leadership. Creating a space where leaders and team members alike feel comfortable and able to grow and gain new opportunities is the key to all of our recruitment and retention […]

Diverse Leaders Are Key to Associations’ Success

When we think of any organization, its leaders are often top of mind. Hear “Apple” and you think of the late Steve Jobs. Someone mentions “OWN” and you’re going to think of Oprah Winfrey. It’s hard to separate the leader from the thing they lead, which can be to both the detriment and the benefit […]

Finding clarity in the chaos: Lessons from the frontlines of leadership during a pandemic

As Mike Moss, president of the Society for College and University Planning,  Donté Shannon, CEO of the Association for Equipment Management Professionals, and Sarah Trahern, CEO of the Country Music Association, all discovered as they spoke together for the first the time at “Key Lessons from the Path to Resilient Leadership” during SURGE Forward, there’s […]

Leading Through The Pandemic: A New CEO Playbook

The last 15 months have been a time of evolution and constant change that look to be with us for a long time. It’s not the first time a CEO has had to revise their playbook, and it provides the perfect opportunity to design more effective ways of doing business moving forward.  An expert panel […]

These leadership skills took a front seat during the pandemic

Association leaders learned plenty of lessons in 2020. Among them: you need a different set of leadership skills to successfully lead your team through a global pandemic, social unrest and an overwhelming amount of uncertainty. According to a CEMS study, leadership qualities that made people more human, like resilience and empathy, became much more valuable […]

What the pandemic taught us about leadership

Whether at work, in our community, or politically, our leaders are the ones we look to when we’re facing uncertain circumstances and aren’t sure what to do. But what happens when an unprecedented event like a global pandemic rattles life as we knew it? And the leaders we turn to have to lead through something […]

Managing in the absence of human connection

We’ve lived our whole lives with a certain degree of “closeness” to other humans (even strangers), that is now conspicuously absent. And we’re feeling it.

10 simple ways to beat imposter syndrome

In my personal experience and through my coaching practice, I’ve found the following to be effective ways to shake that feeling of inferiority and jump back in to advancing your passion.

10 ingredients for a good mentor

No matter which route you take to find a great mentor, keeping Kantor’s ingredients in mind will allow you to easily narrow down the candidate pool and make the best decision for your future success. 

Why your team should join Sidecar

At Sidecar, we believe that if you want to go far, it’s best to go together. Take your entire team along for the ride in acquiring new skills, connecting with other experienced industry pros and leveling up your association. 

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