Category: Leadership

Managing in the absence of human connection

We’ve lived our whole lives with a certain degree of “closeness” to other humans (even strangers), that is now conspicuously absent. And we’re feeling it.

10 simple ways to beat imposter syndrome

In my personal experience and through my coaching practice, I’ve found the following to be effective ways to shake that feeling of inferiority and jump back in to advancing your passion.

New skills and classic advice for association pros

As new year resolutions really start to ramp up, membership professionals are looking for ways to hold steady. From ancient insights, mistakes to avoid and qualities of a good mentor, this week’s Friday Five focuses on growing yourself and your organization.

10 ingredients for a good mentor

No matter which route you take to find a great mentor, keeping Kantor’s ingredients in mind will allow you to easily narrow down the candidate pool and make the best decision for your future success. 

Why your team should join Sidecar

At Sidecar, we believe that if you want to go far, it’s best to go together. Take your entire team along for the ride in acquiring new skills, connecting with other experienced industry pros and leveling up your association. 

How Sidecar helps you meet your membership organization goals

Sidecar provides valuable resources to help your membership organization increase membership and revenue, empower your internal team, and more.

3 leadership lessons from “Bachelorette” Tayshia Adams

There’s definitely something to learn from how Adams handled the show despite everything that can go haywire on reality TV. Don’t believe me? Read on.

2 key leadership insights from Pfizer's push for a vaccine

Here are two key leadership insights from Pfizer’s push for a vaccine that you could apply to your own organization to better handle crises in the coming year.

How to deal with personal stress when your professional life invades your home

While there is no way to prevent stressors from ever happening, there are ways to properly deal with them to cause as little impact in your professional life as possible. 

Why empathy is a key leadership skill

A good leader understands the needs of their employees just as well as the needs of the association and its members. This high level of understanding for your employees’ needs is achieved through active listening and empathy. 

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