Category: Association Industry 101

Steal the template: Welcome letter to new members

Have you ever been thrilled to become a member of a group, only to feel ghosted and lost after signing up? This doesn’t exactly create the best first impression. One major mistake that associations make is neglecting a comprehensive onboarding process for members. There are many steps your association can take to prioritize the new […]

The 3 questions every board meeting should start with

Board meetings — extremely necessary and well-meaning — can become a seemingly useless formality when they’re not correctly managed and planned.  As we all saw with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world can change in an instant. It is vitally important for your board to be prepared, communicative and aware of what is going on in […]

How to Welcome New Members to Your Association

Think back to the last time you joined a new group, professional or otherwise. Whether it was an intramural sports team, professional association, or hobby club, it was probably a little intimidating. Everyone seemingly already knows one another and what to expect, and the unknown can be a bit scary — especially attending your first […]

What's the difference between a membership and subscription?

Take a look at your credit card statement, and you’re certain to see a slew of predictable, recurring monthly charges. Netflix.  Gym membership. Pet food delivery.  Wine club.  Industry association dues. iCloud storage. Magazines. The list goes on.  With the popularity of streaming services, newspapers, grocery deliveries, SaaS tools, and more, subscriptions and online memberships […]

How to write an RFP that gets results

Do you have a big project coming up that you need to outsource? Read this guide for everything you need to know about writing an RFP that gets results.

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