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8 Ways to Drive Innovation In Every Association

The structures and processes that have been put in place to help organizations run smoothly and execute repeatable operations are often challenged by new ideas and systems, which is why innovation naturally runs into conflict in existing organizations. But it is within an established organization that innovative ideas have the best chance to thrive. Startups […]

Is the Great Resignation Affecting Associations?

The world has changed tremendously as a result of COVID-19, especially the workforce, which is why more associations should pay attention to the Great Resignation. Coined in 2019 by Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at Texas A&M, the great resignation has been a long-time coming and was only exacerbated by the pandemic. Whether workers […]

Has Innovation in Your Association Slowed Down?

In the midst of all the horror and uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world, one thing was absolutely clear to everyone: Now is the time to take chances.  Innovation skyrocketed, culture became a real focus, and individuals and their organizations were once again united through values. The ability to fail became so commonplace […]

How 1 nonprofit raised over $4.5 million with an NFT

Shortly before the pandemic, Noora Health co-founder and CEO Edith Elliott returned from India to her native U.S. to have a baby; she’s been unable to return since.  Of the community she serves, Elliott says COVID-19 has devastated India. To continue to help that community through the ongoing crisis, it was going to take Elliott’s […]

5 books association professionals are reading right now

If you’re anything like me, you have a stack of books at least a foot tall, sitting on a bookshelf or desk somewhere in your office. But for some reason, seeing all those unread books doesn’t stop me from ordering more. I tell myself that I will read them eventually and that I shouldn’t pass […]

6 things we learned from a tough year

The last year forced the world to pivot — triggering unprecedented demands for flexibility, creativity, and ingenuity. But even though we adapted and rolled with the punches, the work shouldn’t stop there. We should embrace the lessons of 2020 and use them to continue to progress, grow, and change. 

How association professionals are changing in the new year

With a new year comes new changes, and for us that means an entirely new brand! Accordingly, this week’s Friday Five is all about changing in the new year.

6 steps to handling crises better in 2021

Designed to assist the public with making informed decisions during the pandemic and other challenging and time-sensitive situations, the CERC overview provides six core principles that help ensure resources are well-managed and those using them can put them to the best uses possible.

What associations can learn from Google

With associations and other membership organizations already contributing to continuing education credits and certifications, it begs the question: Could these organizations become the next hub for learning a specific trade or skill in their industry?

What associations can learn from Substack

Well, simply put: people are willing to support content creation. The key is establishing that personal connection with each reader.

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