Category: Events management

12 dos and don’ts for creating a compelling name for your next event

Whatever name you decide for your next event, keep these 12 qualities in mind will assist you in planning and drive more engagement as members immediately connect with your event.

3 event trends to watch in 2021

With COVID-19, political uncertainty, social tensions and budgets impacting every decision, it can be hard for organizations to keep an eye on up and coming trends to implement. That’s why I did it for you!

How to come up with catchy event name ideas

Are you naming a new event for your association? Find out how to create clever event name ideas that will excite your attendees! Learn more.

The pros and cons of workshop platforms

As an organization that has been virtual from its inception, Sidecar has extensive experience with tackling virtual events and the platforms to host them. We believe we don’t get better alone; we get better together. So, to help you help the world, here are five platforms we’ve checked out, and the pros and cons of each. 

How to host virtual meetings in a time of screen fatigue

You can give your members the same wow-inducing experience you strive for at in-person events by creating new, innovative ways for people to learn and connect.

How to increase registration for your virtual events

There are plenty of things we can learn from successful organizations about how they’re increasing their registration numbers for virtual events, which are clearly here to stay. Here are just a few ideas.

How to plan for an uncertain 2021 association conference format

Planning for large 2021 conferences must start now despite large gaps in the information planners need. We recommend a four-step approach to make event format selections during this confusing time.  

3 tips for moderating tough conversations

With the increased use of social media platforms in our professional lives due to COVID-19, organizations are having to monitor online activity more than ever. Usually a simple job, moderating becomes difficult in times of high stress, political strife and other emotional instances. 

How to land sponsorships for your virtual events

Associations are still landing sponsors despite the challenges. The truth is it's harder now to find and retain sponsorships and partners for events.

What sponsors want – and don’t want – from virtual conferences

While publishing and education have been digitized, marketing and communications shifted to the Internet, and sponsor goods evolved from products into services, many sponsor packages still focus on age-old event logo placements and branded activities.

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