Category: Empower Yourself

VIDEO: 5 qualities of a good mentor

There are several qualities you should look for when vetting a potential new mentor.

How to ask to work from home in a post-COVID environment

When framing your ask, be sure to speak the language of business.

It's not you, it's me: Why your mentoring relationship isn't working out

While a mentoring relationship is traditionally thought of as a senior leader providing guidance to a junior professional, mentoring can follow many pathways. In my own career, I’ve established relationships as both a mentor and a mentee through formal mentoring programs. I also receive professional guidance though a peer group of mid to senior-level female […]

Solve problems by putting yourself in someone else's shoes

Design Thinking is about a starting point. In the face of a problem, a challenge or a task to be completed, finding the most effective solution is not just a matter of choosing the route. It involves establishing the starting line. Design Thinking is a problem solving process that starts with adopting the position of […]

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