Category: Advocacy

Everything You Need to Know About Mentorship

A mentor is someone who imparts knowledge, guides mentees professionally and advocates for opportunities. However, a lot more goes into it than just that. Knowing who your mentees are and what they need, establishing a program and ensuring wisdom exchange is done properly can all contribute to the success or failure of a mentorship program.  […]

What Does It Mean To Be an Ally in the Workplace?

An important takeaway from the Women in the Workplace study from McKinsey & Company was that women, especially women of color, are continuing to have challenging experiences at work. Whether it’s caused by excess workload or a lack of representation in leadership, this environment is leading to an increase in burnout, and in many cases, […]

4 Crucial Facts About Women in the Workplace Today

Since 2015, the Women in the Workplace study from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company has been the largest study on the state of women in corporate America. Over the years, this data has been invaluable for understanding the roadblocks women face in the workforce and finding opportunities to empower them. For the 2021 study, much […]

Why associations can no longer stay neutral: The increased importance of ethics, trust and transparency

In the second chapter, speakers focused on governance issues and discussed how and why boards have had to stand up and speak out on current issues.

4 ways for your staff to volunteer virtually

For associations, virtual volunteerism allows employees to stay connected and engaged, provides a feeling of fulfillment and perspective, as well as the opportunity to serve their community from the safety of their own couch.

3 ways to remotely boost your advocacy engagement

With the social distancing measures put into place due to COVID-19 making advocacy efforts more difficult, many associations have turned to social media to spread awareness and request support.

How a brand new association got 1.3 million to act

When COVID-19 began spreading across the country, independent venue operators were forced to close their doors on the large groups of people their businesses rely on and realized that, without help, they would not survive.

How the CARES Act benefits associations

While there are plenty of explainers out there to help individuals and families crunch the numbers on whether they’ll see any cash land directly in their bank accounts, we’ve rounded up a few helpful links for those looking to find out exactly what the CARES Act does for your association. 

How should associations face COVID-19?

With the world attempting to sail through these uncharted waters, we know professionals will turn to their associations for answers. But how should associations handle the COVID-19 outbreak?

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