Creator Coins: What the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency Means For You

As the next generation of membership finds your association, so, too, does the next generation of cryptocurrency. Enter creator coins, a consumer-driven currency with the potential to boost member engagement and investment while empowering associations towards more independence from traditional financial structures. But what does all this mean for you? What are creator coins? Creator […]

How to use data visualization to find communities within your association

It’s no secret that we are a visual society. Our eyes are drawn to graphics and visualizations that help us make meaning of a variety of complex situations. We might like to think we are able to quickly grasp, process, and utilize vast sets of data, but in the end, we all really appreciate an […]

6 creative ways brands are taking advantage of Instagram Stories

Does your association or organization use Instagram to build your brand and engage with your audience? If you do, are Instagram Stories part of your social media strategy? If they’re not already, they should be.  The fleeting nature of Instagram Stories means this content format is less refined and curated, and more unfiltered and raw, […]

Leading Through The Pandemic: A New CEO Playbook

The last 15 months have been a time of evolution and constant change that look to be with us for a long time. It’s not the first time a CEO has had to revise their playbook, and it provides the perfect opportunity to design more effective ways of doing business moving forward.  An expert panel […]

Empowering diversity is more than just checking boxes

Your association or organization might have all the right policies in place. You comply with equal employment opportunity measures, you have multiple demographics represented in your staff, and you have discrimination policies that promote a fair work environment.  Theoretically, you’re checking all the right boxes to make your association membership and staff a diverse and […]

How to Grow Your Newsletter Under Apple Email Privacy Change

Imagine this: Not being able to see who, when, or how many times someone opens your email newsletters. Well, buckle up, because visibility into email open rates is mostly going away starting this fall 2021. At its annual developer conference in early June, Apple broke the newscycle when it revealed privacy features intended to give […]

How the OKR model helps association teams stay aligned, focused, and productive

It’s a natural occurrence: in an annual meeting, the board of directors sets ambitious, big-picture goals for what their association should accomplish in the next year.  The meeting wraps, and everyone goes back to their day-to-day.  When it’s time to review those goals the next year, they haven’t been ushered forward, and the cycle repeats.  […]

How the pandemic forced a reimagination of membership engagement

Engaging with members is at the heart of association culture, and it’s essential to discover new ways to engage with members, whether they’re brand new or decades-long members. In a discussion at SURGE Forward, a panel of association experts explored the topic of membership engagement from their unique perspectives. Tiffany Kerns is the Vice President […]

7 steps to actually accomplish a digital transformation

Organizations of ALL types – for-profit and tax-exempt – have been talking about digital transformation for many years, and yet association efforts, both to digitize and to go digital, continue to lag. In The No BS Guide to Digital Transformation: How Intentional Culture Change Can Propel Associations Forward, we posit that it’s all about culture.  A decade of research […]

How video can be a gamechanger for associations

Is your association using video in your communications with members and prospective members? SURGE keynote speaker Marcus Sheridan said this often-missed opportunity is an effective way to build trust, strengthen relationships and differentiate your association from the rest.  Why should associations produce video content?  Sheridan, an entrepreneur, sales and marketing expert, and author, said a […]

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