3 Return to Office Planning Tips for Associations Leaders

The Covid-19 pandemic upended every facet of life – particularly work life for countless people. Many association staffers have been warily eyeing the ongoing, ever-evolving “Return to Office” (or “RTO”) plans which have, over the years, changed. The Delta and Omicron variants threw a wrench in many RTO plans, leaving most workplaces scrambling to return […]

Association Newcomer: Understanding Organizational Structures

Organizational structures vary depending on the association. While there are some organizations with hundreds of employees representing huge industries, others are almost entirely volunteer-led and represent a regional or highly specialized profession.  What’s important to remember is that the size of the staff is not as important as the structure and efficiency with which the […]

How to Support Women in Leadership Roles

While workplace gender equality has made massive strides in the past few decades, there's still a long road ahead. Women working full-time are still paid less than their male counterparts, and only 5.5% of the U.S.'s 3,000 largest companies have women CEOs. In 2021, women composed only 10% of C-suite and 8% of executive board […]

Can Event NFTs Be the Next Big Thing for Your Association?

Between access to fully virtual events and a focus on personal development, event engagement boomed during the pandemic years. As event planners look for ways to continue that trend both for in-person and hybrid events, new technologies could be the tool they’ve been looking for.  Event NFTs are not only a way to add modern […]

Everything You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is digital money built on blockchain technology. While this may be the simplest definition, a lot more goes into understanding what it is, how it works and the implications for the association space and beyond.  Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, launched in 2009 with the promise of using cryptographic proof to verify transactions on […]

Can Gender Diversity Benefit Your Association's Bottom Line?

Many associations recognize the benefits of gender diversity – higher levels of employee satisfaction and innovation are just a couple of dead giveaways. But you might not know that the benefits are backed by science. A 2017 study by McKinsey showed positive correlations between gender diversity and financial performance, with diverse organizations being 21% more […]

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, many associations begin pondering whether or not a digital transformation is needed. For many, digital transformation is a buzzword that tries to explain how organizations reach a future version of themselves. According to Deloitte, 85% of CEOs accelerated some type of digital transformation during the pandemic. However, […]

Association Newcomer: Types of Associations

The association world is an eclectic industry filled with organizations of all shapes and sizes, in just about every industry and with different goals and focuses. However, most organizations often fall into one of three categories – professional, trade and social.  In our second association newcomer post, we’ll dive into these different types of associations […]

How to Effectively Manage Your Remote Team

There’s no surprise that remote work has become the norm for many associations in recent years. And while vaccines are widely available and social distancing and mask mandates are mostly lifted in the U.S., remote work is here to stay. For leaders, however, this introduces a new set of challenges. From understanding what your team […]

Are You a Jerk?

While it might seem like an odd question, it’s certainly something association leaders should be asking themselves as organization leaders face rising resignations and declining retention. The reality is in a post-COVID-19 world, employees are making mental health and happiness top priorities in their job search – jerk-filled culture is only pushing them to start […]

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