Should your association try usage-based pricing?

In a whirlwind of motivation, you sign up for a premier (but pricey) gym not too far from your home. The monthly membership fee includes access to all the machines you could ever need, a huge collection of free weights, group classes, an indoor pool, tennis courts, and an indoor jogging track.  It’s wonderful and […]

4 things association pros learned in the past year

As many of you may already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. The way we speak, think, conduct business, interact with others … everything. But through these changes, organizations and individuals worldwide have gained invaluable insight into what it really means to be purpose-driven organizations. By learning the hard way, these organizations have had […]

These leadership skills took a front seat during the pandemic

Association leaders learned plenty of lessons in 2020. Among them: you need a different set of leadership skills to successfully lead your team through a global pandemic, social unrest and an overwhelming amount of uncertainty. According to a CEMS study, leadership qualities that made people more human, like resilience and empathy, became much more valuable […]

3 ways engaging members changed forever

Member engagement is the lifeblood of any association or membership-based organization. If you’re not engaging with your members, you’re not delivering real value or staying top-of-mind. This puts you at high risk for non-renewals. After all, why would they continue paying dues and renewing their membership if they’re not getting much in return? There’s nothing […]

Want to increase member engagement? This social media trick will help

One of the greatest tools in any content creator’s bag of tricks is the callout. Callouts are simple questionnaires or polls, and they’re a great way to connect with your members and discover what really interests them. Typically used by journalists and reporters, callouts have high potential for any organization making efforts to engage and […]

Why gamification is more important than ever

As engagement in virtual events, products and services begins to decline as individuals everywhere grow weary of staring at their screens, it has become more important than ever to find ways to increase the value and interest in what your organization has to offer. With so much change and creation over the last year, many […]

How 1 nonprofit raised over $4.5 million with an NFT

Shortly before the pandemic, Noora Health co-founder and CEO Edith Elliott returned from India to her native U.S. to have a baby; she’s been unable to return since.  Of the community she serves, Elliott says COVID-19 has devastated India. To continue to help that community through the ongoing crisis, it was going to take Elliott’s […]

5 of the most creative virtual event ideas we saw in the last 12 months

Virtual events have been on the public radar for more than a year now — what was initially a new demand of our pandemic lifestyles is now a regular fixture in our work lives.  Instead of comparing the challenges of virtual events vs. in-person events, let’s celebrate the virtual format for what it is. Whether […]

5 books association professionals are reading right now

If you’re anything like me, you have a stack of books at least a foot tall, sitting on a bookshelf or desk somewhere in your office. But for some reason, seeing all those unread books doesn’t stop me from ordering more. I tell myself that I will read them eventually and that I shouldn’t pass […]

What the pandemic taught us about leadership

Whether at work, in our community, or politically, our leaders are the ones we look to when we’re facing uncertain circumstances and aren’t sure what to do. But what happens when an unprecedented event like a global pandemic rattles life as we knew it? And the leaders we turn to have to lead through something […]

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