Empower Your Members With E-Learning Options

The e-learning boom was well underway before the pandemic, but two years of limited access to in-person learning only served to kick the industry into high gear. Plus, companies everywhere have caught on to the benefits, like increased learning retention rates and company revenue. As a result, corporate e-learning is projected to grow by over […]

How to Talk to  Your Members About The Metaverse

Imagine waking up in the morning, hitting the gym, meeting with friends, taking a trip to a whole new world and still making it to the office before your first meeting. While this sounds impossible, it could be a reality in the metaverse.  With applications including new virtual office spaces, hands-on training in a completely […]

What Topics to Expect from digitalNow 2022

If you happened to miss our not so little announcement yesterday, digitalNow 2022 is coming to you live October 4-6, 2022 and heading to our hometown of New Orleans.  Now in its 22nd year, digitalNow remains the best idea generator for association leaders and is the place to look into the future of what the […]

What Are Social Tokens?

Social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency – but this particular version is specific to an online community or influencer. They allow these creatives and communities to issue their own form of currency, creating an all-new path for monetization and revenue growth that also drives engagement.  How Are Social Tokens Used? One of the reasons […]

Ready To Enter the “Ring” at SURGE Smackdown?

The (virtual) stage is set, our topics are chosen and now we just need one more thing – our fighters!  As you already know, SURGE Explore is the ONLY virtual conference for fearless leaders. At Sidecar, part of our mission is to provide said leaders with the content and education they need to push the limits […]

Association Newcomer: The Value of Volunteering

Purpose-driven organizations have a significant impact on communities, industries and individuals, often with a small team of dedicated staffers. However, these staff sizes can also pose a challenge for organizations as they, for example, look to grow their audience, create new programming opportunities, or even look to host more ambitious events.  While this may be […]

Up-and-Coming Event Technology for Associations

The pandemic spurred digital acceleration to new heights, with global online customer interactions surging from 36% in December 2019 to 58% just seven months later. That meant a drastic change in the way organizations everywhere conduct business. From the shift to remote work to the switch to online events, it was a turbulent time, to […]

How Do You Get CAE Credits?

For association professionals, credentials are the pinnacle of success – and nothing says you made it quite like adding CAE to your bio. The Certified Association Executive certification is one of the highest standards in the association management industry and requires passing an exam and a dedication to continuing education.  So how do you get it, […]

Are Your Perks Hiding a Bad Culture?

As more organizations debate the merits of returning to the office and contend with the Great Resignation ravaging their teams, strategy quickly turns to perks as a tool to lure staffers back. Whether that’s relaxing hangout areas, snacks or even completely new office space, the idea of trophy offices is quickly gaining traction.  However, the […]

What Are Altcoins? 

Officially, an "altcoin" is any cryptocurrency that isn't Bitcoin! However, altcoins are conceptually different from Bitcoin and not simply a different version of the same thing.  While altcoins use the same decentralized blockchain technology as Bitcoin, they also offer additional features, such as faster speed, more scalability and greater security. The Origins of Altcoins The […]

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