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5 ways to gamify your virtual event

Want your attendees to love your next virtual event? Make it fun! Gamification is a great way to make your event engaging and memorable. 

What member organizations should know about NFTs

For membership organizations, understanding NFTs so that you can inform, educate, and act as a resource is the most important thing right now. Members look to associations for guidance and service. By understanding NFTs, you can provide both and create added value for new and existing members. 

Why organizations have to prioritize their value proposition

Keeping your value proposition at the top of your priority list will lead your organization to surviving through the economic crisis, and whatever may come next.

4 research-backed ways to beat Zoom fatigue

Zoom fatigue is a well-known side effect of our current constantly plugged-in state of being. In this post, we’ll dive into the four reasons Stanford University researchers say video calls exhaust us, as well as tips for what you can do to beat the fatigue. 

VIDEO: 5 tips for having better conversations

Five tips for having better conversations from a communication expert.

SURGE Forward registration is now open!

Registration for SURGE Forward is now open — and we’re ready to introduce you to our three amazing keynote presenters.

Why networking is more important than ever

Building your career requires time, effort  and  — most importantly — the ability to develop relationships and connections that can help you discover better opportunities for advancement. 

How to make your association publications stand out

How can you make your association publications stand out? To start, they should establish your organization as a thought leader and authority in the industry you serve.

How to find your association's break even point

Knowing your break even point, and utilizing your margin per member will allow your organization to successfully engage existing and potential members with ease. 

6 things we learned from a tough year

The last year forced the world to pivot — triggering unprecedented demands for flexibility, creativity, and ingenuity. But even though we adapted and rolled with the punches, the work shouldn’t stop there. We should embrace the lessons of 2020 and use them to continue to progress, grow, and change. 

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