3 Steps to Embrace Your Association’s Brand Promise

As organizations get larger their responsibilities can double or triple in size, decisions become harder to make, resources are stretched, and upholding your association’s brand promise can sometimes be pushed to the side to make way for quicker or cheaper options. “A brand promise can directly affect an organization’s bottom line positively or negatively,” professional […]

What Associations Should Know About Business Travel Post Covid-19

With the majority of associations spread across the country in cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York, business travel was just a part of life. Work trips were all but required and many association professionals spent some time in the year attending conferences or workshops in various cities. The travel restrictions implemented after COVID-19 […]

5 Change Management Best Practices for Maximum Success

While change is necessary, it is also a scary thing for many - especially in the workplace when teams have routines and are used to doing things a certain way. No matter the type of changes your organization or association is seeking - operational, strategic, cultural, or otherwise - all change will affect your employees, […]

How to Understand the Reality of What Your Association Can Do

As we’ve seen with so many organizations following the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation and experimentation are now the new normal. Grand gestures and successful projects have become almost expected, leading many to believe that in order to be successful you must be the greatest.  With these high expectations comes innovation, collaboration, and growth — but also […]

Steal the template: Welcome Letter to New Members

Have you ever been thrilled to become a member of a group, only to feel ghosted and lost after signing up? This doesn’t exactly create the best first impression. One major mistake that associations make is neglecting a comprehensive onboarding process for members. There are many steps your association can take to prioritize the new […]

The Realities of Artificial Intelligence in Associations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword heard all over the world. From government services to association management, artificial intelligence has truly made an unmistakable impact.  As impactful as this new tech tool has been, there’s no wonder why organizations all over the world are scrambling to implement artificial intelligence in their own business strategy. But […]

The 3 Questions Every Board Meeting Should Start With

Board meetings — extremely necessary and well-meaning — can become a seemingly useless formality when they’re not correctly managed and planned.  As we all saw with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world can change in an instant. It is vitally important for your board to be prepared, communicative and aware of what is going on in […]

How to Create Facebook Ads for Associations: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Do you want to take your association’s Facebook Ads game a step above boosted posts? For social media ads that reach your target audience and achieve your goals, Facebook Ads may be the way to go. Association marketers are likely familiar with Facebook’s throttling of organic reach, so many organizations may need to rely on […]

Why Associations Should Pay Attention to DAOs

In traditional professional associations, rules, protocols, and procedures are determined by a central governing body: the board. But what if associations no longer relied on a central board to run their organizations, and instead, their members made the decisions? With an anticipated rise of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) coming, this could be a potential reality. […]

11 Types of Personalized Videos to Humanize Your Brand

Here is how you can use personalized videos to scale your brand based on insight from a renowned web marketing expert and the latest trends in video personalization. Personalized videos continue to skyrocket and for good reason. Organizations that use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster. And by 2022, video will dominate 82% of internet […]

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