Are You a Toxic Coworker?

Work is tough – there’s no way around it. From increased workloads to a lack of motivation, it can take a toll on your daily life. However, not all of this dissatisfaction comes from the job itself. It can come from a toxic coworker. These jerks are responsible for spreading gossip, throwing others under the bus, […]

The Real Cost of Ignoring Professional Development

Providing your organization with professional development opportunities increases retention, creates buy-in and enthusiasm, and improves efficiency and innovation. But too often, it’s seen as an afterthought, an aspiration to accomplish down the road when an organization has more time or resources to dedicate. However, ignoring professional development can have very real consequences on your organization […]

Using Your Association Membership for Career Advancement

When starting a new job, your focus should be on understanding your role, learning the ropes and eventually contributing to your organization. However, at some point, you’ll want to grow within the organization or advance into a new role, which is when career advancement strategies come into play.  While this often leads to plenty of […]

The Principles Behind Our Platform Rebuild

When we first announced that Sidecar would be rebuilding our platform from scratch, we were so excited by the reaction we heard from other associations thinking through the exact same problems.  A few of you even reached out wanting to hear more about the project (let us know if you would, too!), and we ended […]

With New digitalNow Program, Association Entrepreneurs Invited To Top Conference

One of the coolest things about the digitalNow conference is the opportunity to connect with our Resource Center Partners — the organizations that sponsor digitalNow and are just as dedicated to finding new technologies and solutions that help us serve our members better.  But let’s be honest: Even with all the connections you make at digitalNow, […]

6 Best Professional Development Resources for Association Pros

Professional development is a reality of life in almost every industry, but especially for association professionals. Not only is it vital for helping you excel in your career, but for those with a CAE certification, it’s a requirement.  Because our Sidecar members are so focused on their professional growth, they often ask “who else does […]

Is Your Member Segmentation Strategy Wrong?

Most associations segment their membership in the same way: by career stage. So young professionals might be one segment, mid-career folks another, and so on into retirement. They do it this way because it seems obvious, and it’s easy – but is there a chance it’s wrong?  When determining whether or not your member segmentation […]

What Associations Should Know About Smart Contracts

In its simplest form, a smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code, which self-executes when those terms are met. Think of smart contracts as fancy “if-then" statements, coded on a blockchain to create specific actions in the future. Such actions might include the releasing of funds, sending notifications, […]

What’s New at digitalNow 2022?

You might know where we’re headed – spoiler, it’s New Orleans – and a little bit about our topic areas, so what else could we possibly have left to tell you? Well, a lot.  From new pricing options to added strategic sessions, there are plenty of reasons why this year will be the year to attend […]

Everything You Need to Know About Combating Burnout

Everyone can relate to having a tough day at the office, even a tough week. But what happens when those rough days turn into rough months and the stress keeps piling on?  The answer is burnout, and its impact on the workplace is massive.  According to a recent study from Limeade, 40% of workers cited […]

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