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How to ensure sponsors get value from your virtual events

Have you ever visited an exhibitor booth at a virtual trade show and found it kind of lame? Was it just a link to the exhibitor’s website? Did it leave a bad impression? Learn how to enable creative sponsor experiences and ensure sponsors get the most from your event.

How to utilize virtual events for year-round engagement

Events often serve as the pinnacle of engagement for associations — it’s the time and place for members to come together, connect, and learn. But all of the conversations, knowledge, and connections formed during an event — whether it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid — shouldn’t be limited to the few hours or days they take […]

Declining membership in professional organizations and what you can do about it

Declining membership in professional organizations is a trend for many associations. Find out what's behind the trend, and what you can do about it.

VIDEO: What is Clubhouse? A guide to the invite-only social media app

Should you try to score a Clubhouse invite? Watch this video for a breakdown of a few things leaders should know about the app.

Why associations can no longer stay neutral: The increased importance of ethics, trust and transparency

In the second chapter, speakers focused on governance issues and discussed how and why boards have had to stand up and speak out on current issues.

How can the Google third-party cookies change impact membership organizations?

As the tech world continues changing rapidly, it’s still possible to stay engaged with members – and potential members – in creative and innovative ways. 

7 key insights about the future of association conferences

With the goal of providing perspective and guidance to association executives, we approached organizations about conducting a group survey of their members.

What membership organizations can learn from NBC's Peacock

Associations can take cues from for-profit businesses who are adopting membership models, including offering some of their most popular content free.

Tips on creating brand awareness when you can’t have a physical event

Creating brand awareness is essential for the success of most companies. You need people to know about your product and trust your brand. The more people who can recall your brand, the better.

VIDEO: 5 qualities of a good mentor

There are several qualities you should look for when vetting a potential new mentor.

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