5 Key Lessons for Associations in 2022

The themes for digitalNow 2021 were rebuilding, reframing and restarting. With sessions ranging from big data and organizational culture to cyber security and innovation, our attendees got insights on how to rebuild their associations in a post-pandemic world, why their thinking should be reframed to add value for their members and whether or not the […]

In-House vs. Agency Marketing: Which is Right for Your Association?

No matter the size of your association, marketing is an absolutely essential business function that helps you reach your potential members, engage with your existing members and more. There are multiple ways to onboard marketing talent, with the two most common options being hiring an internal marketing team or partnering with an agency. While in-house […]

5 Community Outreach Strategies for Local Chapters

Regardless of your association’s mission or membership count, community outreach is a must for both engaging more deeply with your existing members and attracting like-minded new members. Community outreach gives your association the opportunity to show members what you really care about by supporting causes that are aligned with your core values.  By engaging in […]

The 10 Best Sidecar Blogs of 2021

As we close the door on 2021, a year still filled with plenty of uncertainty but a glimmer of hope for the year to come, it’s time to look back on some of the biggest stories and trends in the association space and beyond.  Picking top posts can always be a challenge, especially when you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Goal Setting

As we close the door on some of the most challenging years in recent history, finding motivation for personal growth and development can be tough. As folks reflect on things and begin planning how exactly the new year will bring about that “new year, new me,” goal setting may be the answer.  Whether you want […]

Meet Our 2021 digitalNow Leaders of Distinction

The mission of digitalNow is to empower leaders to face challenges and critical issues with the latest strategies and technologies. However, it is not just about the leaders of today, but also those up-and-coming leaders in the association space.  The Leaders of Distinction program was created to help empower these future leaders with registration to […]

Can Associations Benefit From Outside Investment? AIP Thinks So

As associations look to expand and add value for their members, finding a way to fund those improvements can be a challenge.  We reached out to Robin Lokerman of Association Investment Partners to tell us about how the organization is looking to change that with an innovative funding model and partnership program that helps associations […]

Does Your Association Need an Accessibility Specialist?

As diversity, equity and inclusion practices continue to gain importance, many organizations have taken the time to audit their website and content to find ways to improve their accessibility and inclusion efforts. However, the first step towards true inclusion and accessibility for many associations is hiring an accessibility specialist to focus on providing equal opportunities […]

Everything You Need to Know About Retaining Talent

As organizations begin recovering from the last two years of a pandemic, retention and employee engagement continue to be a challenge. Faced with the dangers of COVID-19, many workers have changed their outlook on work along with their priorities, forcing organizations to look at their own culture to help stop the Great Resignation.  In our […]

How to Create LinkedIn Ads for Associations: Your Guide to Getting Started

For many professional associations, LinkedIn is the social media network where their members and potential members spend the most time. That’s why advertising on this powerful platform is a no-brainer for reaching professional audiences. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is able to fill gaps left open by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, while Facebook’s […]

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