What is a Sidecar Membership?

You’re on our site. You’re reading our blog. You might even be subscribed to our newsletter (and no, that isn’t membership). So you have an idea about who we are and what we do. But do you know what it means to be a Sidecar member? Sidecar membership means access to the professional development tools […]

Why Your Association Should Experiment With Microlearning

When it comes to creating or offering professional development for your members, there is no arguing that it’s valuable and necessary. However, for many association professionals, the subsequent response is often, “where do I find the time?” Whether it’s because of shortening attention times or limited schedules, finding time for learning opportunities is tough, and […]

The Question of Credential Custody & Portability

Can blockchain change how credentials are issued and tracked by Associations and other certifying organizations? For decades, Associations and related credentialing organizations have built successful business models on the premise that achieving and maintaining a certification and its associated credential has value. In its most general form, this relies on a single organization creating the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Association Management Companies

For purpose-driven organizations, the most critical question for boards is often how do you do more with less? One answer for many associations is hiring an association management company (AMC). These companies are designed to help manage the day-to-day operations of an association while also providing them with access to staff, software and resources that […]

Association Newcomer: Do Associations Affect Policy?

As purpose-driven organizations, the goal of an association is to improve the lives of its members and the industries they serve. While this often happens through education and resources, it can also be done on a much larger scale. For association newcomers, there’s a lot to learn about how your new organization works and what […]

Is Feature Bloat Affecting Your Member Benefits?

You want more members and adding new benefits is going to get them. Right? Well, maybe not. Before you go all-in on new perks, build out your marketing campaigns and announce them to your members, it may be  time to ask – “does my association have a feature bloat problem?”  What is Feature Bloat? From […]

How To Choose an Event Platform

After the virtual and hybrid event boom caused by the pandemic, it seems like there is a new event platform popping up everywhere you look. With hundreds of options and an endless stream of online advertisements, it can be confusing and difficult to find just the right one for your event.  Making a plan for […]

Speaker Management Strategies for Your Association Event

From annual conferences to fun virtual webinars for members, speakers can make or break an event. While finding them is often the biggest battle, managing them can be just as challenging without the right speaker management strategy. Not only do these strategies impact the way you onboard a speaker, but also how you support them […]

What You Need to Know About Association Committees

When it comes to associations and nonprofits, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. However, few roles have as significant an impact as serving on an association committee. These groups work as an extension of the board of directors and are tasked with anything from day-to-day operations to major initiatives that can change the course […]

Should Associations Still Be Thinking About Web3?

Inflation. Layoffs. Crypto-Winter. The promised nirvana of Web3 seems further away now than ever before. So was it all just a fad? Does the current economic downturn invalidate the Web3 movement? Web3?... Or Blockchain? Let's begin by considering the term itself. “Web3” is essentially a pop-culture rebrand of blockchain technology. The “Web3” moniker was first coined back in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin […]

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