Author: Chelsea Brasted

What content metrics actually matter?

With the amount of information it’s possible to collect not only from our social media accounts but also our email campaigns and websites, it’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of numbers. 

To offer most value, this association opened its online community to all

All that work, however, has produced another benefit to the online community: Ideas. The associations’ staff often turns to the message board for content ideas, suggestions for professional development and training. 

What to do with great ideas you can't tackle right now

It’s a spreadsheet that’s been organized by priority level, whether something is in progress or has made progress, and what’s worked or hasn’t.

2 ways associations can prepare for the future of membership

Today’s potential members have far more information and options for networking and professional development than did potential members 20 or 30 years ago, so an association’s offerings have to reflect those changes to stay relevant. 

Why you should pony up the cash for your social media strategy

For the communications team at the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA), the value lies in building a network of supporters — not in building membership. 

Why every staffer should be involved in cybersecurity

From the home addresses, bank information from membership auto-drafts, names, birthdays and maybe even certification details from our members to the insurance information, social security numbers and other private details about our staffers, there is no association that doesn’t have something a cybercriminal would be interested in having, or cutting you off from in exchange for a hefty ransom. 

Can your members become fans? David Meerman Scott says yes

Watch the interview to hear David use real-world examples, from the association industry to government programs and even a car insurance company, to understand how you can harness the power of fandom for your own organization.

Why it's not good enough to ask what members want

Put another way: You really shouldn’t be asking your members what they want. Innovation comes from solving a problem and creating something that doesn’t exist yet.

This worksheet helped 1 association trim its website by 95%

The nine-point page also helps provide some idea as ASM moves forward to what should stay online.

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