Author: Chelsea Brasted

Creator Coins: What the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency Means For You

As the next generation of membership finds your association, so, too, does the next generation of cryptocurrency. Enter creator coins, a consumer-driven currency with the potential to boost member engagement and investment while empowering associations towards more independence from traditional financial structures. But what does all this mean for you? What are creator coins? Creator […]

5 things leaders should know about Clubhouse

Clubhouse is definitely different from any other social media app out there, so any leader responsible for growing their audience needs to make sure they’re getting the details on the latest app. 

3 leadership lessons from “Bachelorette” Tayshia Adams

There’s definitely something to learn from how Adams handled the show despite everything that can go haywire on reality TV. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Hello — is it this association you're looking for?

Having a real, person-to-person conversation about the ways your organization can help solve problems and make connections for your members not only offers you great insights into how you can better serve your members, but it reinforces that your association is one that cares about the individuals within its ranks. 

26 ways association professionals find problem-solving inspiration

Here are the results of the conversations we had so the next time you’re looking to solve a problem — or just feeling a little silly for getting an idea from somewhere unexpected — you’ll know you aren’t alone. 

The world is more than 'members' and 'non-members'

No longer is someone just a member or a non-member; our organizations should instead be thinking of the fuzzier lines between our groups of stakeholders and how, in this new future, we can provide value to all of them. 

How the CARES Act benefits associations

While there are plenty of explainers out there to help individuals and families crunch the numbers on whether they’ll see any cash land directly in their bank accounts, we’ve rounded up a few helpful links for those looking to find out exactly what the CARES Act does for your association. 

The single best work-from-home advice I've ever received

As a career-minded couple without kids, work is often the subject of our conversations, and now that we’ve both got work at home with us in the face of pandemic-enforced office closures, it’s even harder to disconnect.

Bold idea? This association got rid of its annual conference

The important thing, Bridges noted, is that the same number of decisions that get made during that annual meeting can happen on social media and with other tools, like VoterVoice.

10 virtual event tools you can use to move your meetings online

So, what virtual conference and virtual meeting options are available to the organizations that could best use them now? Here’s a list of the tools and software we’ve found that are most likely to help organizations, their members and businesses stay in contact while working safely from home. 

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